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News Title:The first heavy-calibre of our country one pair of metal compound tubes welds the record
Buy cheap Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) form usaBuy cheap Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) form usa
Summary: Until August 12, Chinese the intersection of petroleum and the intersection of project and the intersection of design company and the intersection of Xinjiang and oil build the intersection of our country and most large the intersection of gas storage and storehouse that company undertake the construction of, breathe o    Buy cheap Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) form usa    ut, pursue, run 65 days steadily safely already by the intersection of wall and the intersection of gas storage and the intersection of storehouse and the intersection of note and angry system. In breathing out and pursuing the gas storage storehouse construction of the wall, 6 items of construction technology fill in the ground of oil field of Xinjiang and build the blank at least. Among them, heavy-calibre one pair of metal compound tubes welds the skill ...By August 12, the Xinjiang oil of design company of the Chinese petroleum project builds the largest gas storage storehouse & mdash of our country that the company undertook the construction of; — Breathe out and pursue the angry system of storehouse note of gas storage of the wall to already operate for 65 days steadily safely.   In breathing out and pursuing the gas storag    Buy cheap Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) form usa    e storehouse construction of the wall, 6 items of construction technology fill in the ground of oil field of Xinjiang and build the blank at least. Among them, it is a great breakthrough that a pair of metal of heavy-calibre is compounded and in charge of the solder technology, fill in one pair of metal compound tubes of heavy-calibre of our country and weld the blank of craft.   However, whod have thought, this technical revolution is to weld the product that brings not up to standard.   Puzzled & nbsp of the crackle; Breathe out and pursue the gas storage storehouse of the wall in initial stage of construction, is called & ldquo by the professional personage; Structural shade & rdquo; Thing,last oil last technical staff feel puzzled.   Find technical staff is it metal in pair is it compound coating of tube and between basic    Buy cheap Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) form usa     unit because interval is too big, implement one after welding, a kind of thing will appear on the ray film, look like a black line. This black line has a custom that is called & mdash; — Crackle.   “ The crackle appearing after welding on earth, or the defect of pipe? ” Round irritating crackle this, Xinjiang oil build the intersection of company and Vice President, breathe out, pursue, convene the relevant technical staff many times by the intersection of wall and the intersection of gas storage and Beijing Wang, project manager of storehouse, look for the reason and solve the measure.   After further investigating and analyzing, the technical staff has found & ldquo of the crackle of appearing; Crux & rdquo; .   To be simple, it was traditional craft and new pipe mismatch that cause.   Breathe out and pursue the natural gas in the gas storage storehouse of the wall and come from Turkmenistan Stein, the carbon dioxide content is relatively high, have strong corrosivity to the pipeline. So, 3 gas gathering stations of gas storage storehouse add up to angry arterial form well thread of complexion of 30 kilometers to all use a pair of metal to compound and manage.   At that time, this kind of heavy-calibre one pair of metal compound tubes belonged to first application at home.   In the face of new pipe, traditional closure can only weld the craft & ldquo; Feel dejected & rdquo; — — Because basic unit and coating medium of the pipe are different, cause the coefficient of expansion to be different, prone to the swelling stress on the calibre.   And will produce and weld the stress on the calibre after constructing one and welding the craft in in charge of the cause for gossiping. These two kinds of stresses are centred in and are in charge of the position of seam, & ldquo at the same time; Superpose & rdquo weakly and weakly; It is apt to cause the crackle.   Basic unit of pipe and weak district of the coating according with department, give and weld and construct to bring & ldquo difficult to prevent; Trouble & rdquo; . Test many times through constructors, prove the traditional closure welds the welding requirement that the craft cant meet the special pipe, must seek the outlet separately.   Then, where to dispel the outlet of the crackle?   Transform the pipe & nbsp; & ldquo repeatedly; Rebuffed & rdquo; ,Frustrate the more brave. Wang Jing convenes the Xinjiang oil to build the technique center of the company, weld the technical backbone of training center and pressure container factory, set up a pair of metal and is compounded and in charge of the group of research of technique.   Originally, the technical staff, through testing repeatedly, attempt to look for a kind of welding craft, solve the crackle problem. But nickel weld the intersection of silk and very much argon arc to weld while being semi-automatic tungsten very much although can control the crackle effectively, but the cost is too high, efficiency is low, uneconomical.   Technical staff has to drop on the pipe again sight.   Testing in a large amount and repeated contrast, the technical staff decides to carry on two transformations to the pipe, enable it by & ldquo between coating and basic unit of the calibre; Machinery laminates & rdquo; Change into & ldquo; The molecule combines & rdquo; .   Welding out the qualified coating material in order to pile, the technical staff adjusts and welds the craft repeatedly, through pile, weld craft in the calibre, in charge of end process the intersection of slope and mouth at the same time, compound, in charge of the intersection of stress and centralized position that structure cause and connect welding seam, merge the intersection of line and position, part, then, the pipeline is right to weld in the scene group, dispel the condition that the crackle produces fundamentally.   & nbsp of reduction of cost; The elimination of the crackle, has guaranteed the construction quality of the gas storage storehouse. More important, it expedites the emergence of a kind of new craft & mdash with independent intellectual property right; — Pile, weld in the calibre and on-the-spot law, welder of butt welding, arise at the historic moment, fill in our country weld blank of craft in the intersection of heavy-calibre and pairs of metal compound tube.   Compare the traditional method, what because this kind of welding craft is adopted is regular apparatus and welding material, having reduced the cost of constructing, work efficiency is compared before but raised by more than twice, it is up to 95% to weld the qualification rate, approved by the owners height and identical favorable comment.   At the beginning of July, Chen Xin, companys general manager of oil field in Xinjiang sends and offers the abundant affirmation to storehouse construction technology and project quality of gas storage, and issue citation to a general manager. This citation has done the perfect footnote for this technical revolution caused by crackle too. [ Buy cheap Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) form usa
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